• 10 Top Tips for Travelling to Fiji with Toddlers & Babies

    Hiya!  So I've been a bit quiet lately, we have just returned from a family trip to Fiji. I decided to have a bit of a social media holiday too but I did post one picture and got lots of questions about tips for travelling to Fiji with kids so here's my wrap up of the things I found really useful when we were there.  My kids are 3 and 1 so most relevant for those with young babies and preschoolers.  

    Travelling with kids can be a little daunting and stressful, if you're anything like me the packing part is the hardest and takes days!  It never fails to amaze me (and my husband more) how much you have to take travelling with kids, god they need a lot of stuff, especially babies.   My overarching tip is take time to pack and BE PREPARED as once in Fiji there isn't much to buy and you don't want to spend your holiday looking for a pharmacy. Our holiday threw at us a virus and a bump on the head for our 3 year old (typical) and two new teeth of our 1 year old so I was VERY happy I loaded up on Panadol and Nurofen before we left! 

    So here are my top tips for Family travel to Fiji. 


    1. Carry a bag of toys/entertainment items for toddlers/preschoolers.  My 3 year old carried a small backpack on the plane which included items such as Melissa and Doug Water Wow, Playdoh, pens/crayons,  small novelty items with surprise toys inside.  I packed this without my toddler knowing and added a few new things he had never seen before.  This was mainly meant for the plane but I started taking it out at meal times for when they started getting bored.  Lifesaver!


    1. Use a portable high chair for babies 6- 18 months.  Whilst all the restaurants had high chairs I found a portable high chair handy in our room.  Our 1 year old eats when he first wakes up and it’s much easier to feed them when contained in something.  We use the Phil and Teds Lobster and have found this awesome on holiday and at home too. 


    1. Stock up on first aid kit/medical supplies.  I took quite a collection of medication and supplies with me and I’m so pleased I did I used Panadol, Nurofen,  antiseptic cream, Bonjela & plasters In one week.  Tip: go to your Dr before you  leave home and tell them where you are going and they will load you up with some essentials ie. general antibiotics in case of emergencies etc. 


    1. Book transfers with car seats. In Fiji it is not law to have seatbelts in the back of a car let alone car seats so the taxis won’t necessarily have anchor points for car seats even if you take yours. Unless you are planning on doing heaps of car trips and moving around leave your car seat at home and book a transfer with car seats included.  We used Rosie’s and the car seat hire was about $15 FJD one way. On another note we also asked our transfer driver to stop at a local supermarket so we could stock up on beer, water and a few essentials. 


    1. Take lots of snacks and alcohol. Fijian resorts are notoriously expensive for food and drinks so be prepared and BYO.  We took, crackers, cheeses, dips, muesli bars,  nuts,  Weetbix, squeezy yoghurts, fruit pouches, wine, gin and tonic water. We were so pleased we did when we saw the restaurant prices! Also see note above about getting transfer driver to stop a supermarket. 


    1. Pack a lunchbox to take snacks from the breakfast buffet. This one is a bit cheeky but quite essential with young kids. We took a few pastries, bread and fruit at breakfast to keep the kids going during the day.   


    1. Share meals.  All resorts will differ I’m sure but we found the meals huge at the Intercontinental Fiji Resort and Spa.  My husband and I would share a main and entree for dinner and my boys shared a kids meal each night.  We made good use of the room service so we could eat in peace once our kids went to bed. 


    1. Take washing powder.  I found it really useful to have some washing powder with me so I could hand wash clothes when required.  


    1. Don't forget disposable nappy bags.  When you're all in one room and your rubbish bin gets emptied once a day you will thank me for it. Also super useful for wet togs, and to stop leaks in your bag!


    1. Use Kathmandu packing cells.  I love my packing cells, I find these a great way of keeping everyones clothes separate and in order. They're a bit exy so buy them in a sale (they're currently 3 for $40, you won't regret it. 


    If you have a trip coming up, ENJOY!

    Has anyone else got tips on travelling with young kids, share below and we can help each other!

    Jo x

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  • Super Mama Monday - Mel and Amy from The Ten Active

    The Ten is founded by Mel Bryden and Amy Hahn. Like most modern women, we proudly live in our activewear. From yoga, to lunch, to rushing around after toddlers, the wonderful, flexible functionality of a legging is up there amongst our favourite things. When we both became pregnant, we lamented over the lack of options to suit our urban lifestyles, as well as our changing bodies. We weren’t willing to give up the beauty of the fabrics we’d come to know and love, but it also broke our hearts to buy sizes up in our favourite brands, only to have them fit our bellies but gape at our legs. It was in this frustration that The Ten was born. The Ten is a bespoke, beautiful selection of activewear for pregnancy. Designed specifically to grow with your body, they feature our signature stretchable belly band that will support your body pre and post pregnancy. In fact, “The Ten” refers to the ten months we expect you’ll be wearing these leggings. Not confined to your second and third trimesters, they will flow through to the months postpartum when your incredible body needs a little extra love. The Ten's beautiful maternity activewear is proudly designed and made in Australia, using the finest, most luxuriously soft fabrics we could get our hands on. With a focus on being comfortable, supportive and light, they also absorb moisture and move with your body. All our designs feature a super flattering contrasting panel along the side of your legs, and specially selected colours to complement every outfit. The result? The only pair of leggings you’ll need throughout your pregnancy, and perhaps the most gorgeous and comfortable pair in your wardrobe. Whether pared with a loose white tee and Birkenstocks on your way to yoga, or dressed up with Valentino sneakers and a black Equipment shirt for running errands, you’ll be in good hands throughout your pregnancy and beyond with The Ten.

    Check out The Ten's range of Activewear on Little Style Hub here 

    I asked these lovely ladies some questions about life and business, here's what they had to say.   


    Favourite way to relax when kid free?

    Oh those moments are so very rare! It would have to involve wine, yoga and a good book - obviously not all at the same time! (Or maybe that is a great idea waiting to happen!?)


    Biggest lesson you have learnt from your business journey so far

    Not to expect it to go perfectly all the time. We are both master planners, and so were under the (somewhat unrealistic) belief that if we stuck to our expertly prepared project plan, everything would run smoothly. Of course, it did not at all go to plan (not everyone seems to share our passion for Excel and deadlines!?). So leaning in to ambiguity and being agile, flexible and resilient has been our biggest learning. 


    Best advice for a mum wanting to start her own business

    Start! You’re never more productive or passionate as when you have a baby (or a few). So trust in yourself and make it happen. 


    Name the business moment you are most proud of so far?  

    Launching! It was a such an enormous learning curve - going from two mums with no fashion background - to having a complete line, the process of which we knew like the back of our hands. Hearing positive customer feedback is also a constant daily high five moment! 


    What is next for The Ten Active?

    We’re exploring some completely different markets - because we’ve had feedback that our pants are too good to be constricted to pregnancy!


    What is your favourite The Ten Active item right now? 

    The Kim leggings. Coming into winter, they are so warm (while still being light) and buttery soft. Plus they can pass for real pants when you’re not working out!


    Top 3 favourite insta accounts to follow



    @thetenactive (of course)



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  • 5 self care tips for busy Mums that aren't all about massages & bath bombs

    There’s a lot of chat around social media at the moment about self care and Mums (and lack of it). I get it, parenting is hard work and by the time you have given given given to your kids there's often not much left for you.  I was lucky enough to get a break last weekend when my parents took my two kids for two nights! Yes two nights! It felt like an eternity!  It was amazing, I did a whole list of things I never do with kids like go out for brunch and drink coffee in peace, read a magazine in the sun. I felt rejuvenated by the end of the weekend and desperate for my kids to come back of course. It did get me thinking, how can I incorporate more self care into my daily routine so I am regularly caring about myself.   I’m not talking about massages, bath bombs and scented candles…. I’m not saying I don’t like these things or they don’t have a place but sometimes you just need some practical self care options you can fit into your daily routine to help you get through the day. Here are my top 5 which is a bit of a work in progress for me, I currently do about half of these!


    1. Exercise

    This is a big one for me, its something I know makes me feel amazing, energised and on top of my game. Move it Mama is my go to exercise of choice and I love it. 20 minutes of high intensity training at home, only a mat required and you can do it at any time of the day. Lisa – the founder and super fit mum of 4 boys does an amazing job of motivating you not to get fit or lose weight (although these things will come) but to exercise because of how it makes you feel afterwards helping you be a better Mum and partner.  She's a lifesaver - check out her website here.


    1. Mini in home facial

    I barely ever get facials but I have started trying to spend more time caring for my mid 30s ageing skin. Go out and treat yourself to a new cleanser, serum and exfoliator and spend 5 minutes before you go to bed pampering your face. Trust me your skin will love you for it.  I use Trilogy cream cleanser, Dr Lewinns Exfoliator and The Essence of Humanity Extraordinary Facial Oil   


    1. Cuppa and a square of your favourite chocolate

    This one is a bit of a no brainer, choose your favourite hot drink and enjoy a treat of your choice once you get kids to bed or even during the day if you can squeeze it in (one episode of Paw Patrol won’t hurt anyone).  MaterniTea have a range of herbal teas for Mums and Mums to be specially designed for the various stages pre, during and post pregnancy.



    1. Going to bed at 8.30 and reading a book

    I used to read and now I find I’m too tired and can’t even focus on a few pages of a book before bed (who else can relate?). I also often work on my business at night once kids are in bed but I am going to attempt to go to bed earlier a few nights a week to read as I know it’s so good for the soul.


    1. Removing clutter from your life

    This one is a bit counterintuitive – self care doesn’t normally mean more cleaning up but what I have found is that mess gives you more anxiety and makes it harder to relax and feel in control.  So write a list of the areas in your home you want to tidy or organise (think messy cupboard you throw things in and have been meaning to tidy for ages) and tick one or two areas off a week. You will be amazed at how much better you feel!


    What do you think? I'd love to hear your practical self care tips in the comments below.  

    XX Jo 

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  • Super Mama Monday - Malt Maternity's Lani Small

    Lani Small, a mama of a wee boy from Western Australia is one smart mama, with the help of her Mum Trixie (Noona) and husband Matt she has developed a chic maternity sleepwear range offering support and sass when you need it most.

    The origin of Malt is very simple, when Lani was pregnant with her son Ethan she wanted bright, fun, maternity sleepwear, that was flattering and offered breast support. (Un)Fortunately for her, none could be found and Nonna offered the simple advice 'then make your own'.

    As with all things it wasn't quite that easy, but the outcome was the creation of Malt. From that humble concept, more features were added until the Night to Day range came into existence. A maternity sleepwear range that can be worn to bed, but also stylish enough that no one will know you are wearing PJ's during the day.  Perfect when you're having one of those mornings, are late for the school drop off or need to pop into the supermarket quickly!

    Check out Malt Maternity's current range of fun designs.


    I spoke to Lani about life and her new business, here's what she had to say...


    Favourite way to relax when kid free

    Netflix, nap, horse riding

    Biggest lesson you’ve learnt in business so far

    Be true to who you are.  If this is your idea and you have faith in it, stick with it.  Some people will love what you are doing and some people won't get it at all.  But you know what? that's ok

    Best advice for a mum wanting to start their own business

    Dream big and go for it, but never ever risk more than you are willing to lose.

    Name the business moment you are most proud of so far? 

    When we actually saw our finished product for the first time and then when we had our first customer

    What is next for Malt Maternity?

    We are going to move from the West Coast to the East Coast of Australia in the upcoming months.  This will give us faster postal times and access to more services, which will help drive our business forward.

    Top 3 instagram accounts you follow





    Congratulations Lani on the launch of your business, I wish you every success xx 


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  • Super Mama Monday - MaterniTea's Tracey Seymour


    Meet Tracey, she’s the Mama behind MaterniTea, a Certified Australian Tea  Master and a Mum of two.  She discovered a passion for the benefits of herbal tea during her first pregnancy. After struggling with the common side effects of pregnancy, not to mention a traumatic delivery experience with her daughter, Tracey became inspired to learn as much as she could about improving the experience of pregnancy specifically through the use of Herbal Organic Tea (or H.O.T Mum blends as she likes to call them). 

    After travelling the world consulting with a team of professionals in women’s health, fertility and naturopathy, she assembled a team of experienced Naturopaths, Dieticians and Herbalists to bring MaterniTea to life.

    MaterniTea is not your average generic herbal pregnancy tea. Each of the fourteen blends in the range have been specifically formulated for each stage of pregnancy to address the unique challenges and needs of each trimester, ensuring targeted, tailored support when you need it most. Tracey’s has one very clear vision for MaterniTea – To help as many women around the world have Happy Healthy Pregnancies & Beyond.  We give a big hell yes to that!  

    Click HERE to see the full range of MaterniTea products available at Little Style Hub.


    I also asked Tracey a few questions about being a Mum and Business owner…Here are her words of wisdom….

    Best advice for a Mama wanting to start their own biz

    Know your worth. It can be very easy as a women to undervalue your worth in the marketplace. Your knowledge your skill and your value has a worth. If you truly believe in the product or service, you are offering then back yourself and the business will follow.

    Biggest lesson you have learnt in your biz journey so far

    Know your numbers. Everything from complete costs of goods, profit margins, monthly expenses to cash flow for when opportunities come up. Your business will come unstuck if you don’t have a handle on the numbers.

    Favourite way to relax when child free

    A glass of wine, a sashimi platter over looking the water somewhere - perfection!

    Name the business moment you are most proud of

    My proudest moment was when I received an email from a customer who had been trying to fall pregnant on and off for two years.  She discovered MaterniTea and whilst skeptical was desperate to give anything a try so she started our fertility cleanse blends and within two months was pregnant. Her joy and gratitude was exactly why I started the business - to help other women enjoy happy healthy pregnancies naturally.  Naw we love this! 

    Favourite MaterniTea blend right now

    ProsperiTea, our breastfeeding blend to help increase milk supply. I’m drinking 3 cups a day at the moment.

    Favourite insta accounts



    Thanks Tracey and congratulations on your business. Click HERE to see the full range of MaterniTea products available at Little Style Hub. 

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