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MOMM offer events tailored to the health and wellbeing of Mums.  During 2018 they will host 3 events - 2 smaller workshops’ (May and August) and a larger pinnacle event in November.  The events will offer a range of exercise/pilates/yoga type sessions along with speaking on subjects that resonate with Mums.  Their aim is to offer support and motivation to Mums to take care of their own health and wellbeing as well as creating a community where Mums can connect.


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Amy Jayne Roper, is New Zealand's first accredited Holistic Core Restore ® Coach.  

"I started my fitness career as a boot camp instructor in 2015.  As my clientele grew, I noticed that most of them were new mums.  It wasn’t until a client started to mention her diastasis recti (abdominal separation) that I even considered the specialist treatment she may need.  I realised that if I didn’t learn as much as possible about the post natal body, then I’d be doing a disservice to every mum who signed up.

Discovering the Holistic Core Restore ® program was like a light going on in my head.  Here is a tried and tested method that works!  I’ll never forget the look on my first client’s face when she knew that something could be done.  It confirmed everything in that instant that specialising in women’s health was the right choice."

Amy specialises in pelvic floor fitness, core restoration, nutrition & well being  for women at any phase in life, including but limited to:
Pregnancy, 4th Trimester, Post Natal, Hysterectomy, Cesarean, Other abdominal surgery and Menopause. She can work 1:1 or in a group and even online through video calls.  
North Shore, Auckland

+64 21 0812 9916 
Claire is a highly experienced, well qualified Physiotherapist and single Mum of 3 boys.
She has a clinic from home in St John's park Auckland. She specialises in women's health pre and post-natally and uses Acupuncture and other gentle Craniosacral techniques to treat complaints during pregnancy such as low back pain, sciatica, pubic symphysis pain and has had success in turning breech babies using Acupuncture techniques.
She also offers Craniosacral therapy (very gentle correction of the skull bones, neck and base of spine) techniques for newborns to assist with trauma experienced through the birthing process...this may help with colic, sleeping and feeding issues.
She is also highly experienced in treating general musculoskeletal complaints such as back and neck pain and sports injuries and is ACC Registered. 
St Johns Park, Auckland
021 0825 3336
Facebook @clairephysionz